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We are a team of dedicated and certified professionals.  Our goal is to help maintain and improve your quality of life. 

Our services and programs are designed to meet your needs whether at home, the office, or for a special event.  

We bring our Be Wellness services to you so that you can relax and rejuvenate each day in the space that is most comfortable for you. 

We are a full service wellness company

We bring it to you. At Home. At the office. And we love events.

Swedish Massage – 60/90 Minutes

Experience relaxation with a Swedish Massage, using gentle, flowing strokes to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, and promote overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage – 60/90 Minutes

Target deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue with a Deep Tissue Massage, designed to relieve chronic pain, muscle tightness, and tension.

Sports Massage – 60/90 Minutes

Enhance your athletic performance and recovery with a Sports Massage, focusing on muscle flexibility, injury prevention, and post-exercise relief.

Aromatherapy Massage – 60/90 Minutes

Indulge your senses with an Aromatherapy Massage, combining essential oils with massage techniques to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance mood.

Prenatal Massage – 60/90 Minutes

Support your pregnancy journey with a Prenatal Massage, tailored to alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort, improve circulation, and provide relaxation for expecting mothers.

Couples Massage – 60/90 Minutes

Share a relaxing experience with your partner in a Couples Massage, where both of you can enjoy a personalized massage side by side, enhancing your connection and relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage – 60/90 Minutes

Boost your immune system and reduce swelling with a Lymphatic Drainage Massage, using gentle, rhythmic strokes to stimulate lymph flow and detoxify the body.

Thai Massage – 60/90 Minutes

Revitalize your body with a Thai Massage, incorporating assisted yoga stretches, acupressure, and rhythmic compressions to enhance flexibility and energy flow.

Active Release Technique – 30 Minutes

Quickly address specific muscle and soft tissue issues with Active Release Technique, a focused therapy to relieve pain, improve mobility, and restore normal function.

Yoga 101

Fundamentals of yoga postures are taught in this class. Suitable for beginners and anyone desiring better posture and flexibility. 4 and 6-week options available. (60 minutes)

Yoga Flow

Designed to keep you moving, this class fuses cardio, strength, flexibility, and breathing sequences. (Bring water, a towel, and a mat) (45/60 minutes)

Yin Yoga

A gentler style of yoga, this class focuses on lengthy stretching at a slower pace. Wind down from the day in this relaxing class. (60 minutes)

Body Barre

A class to get the body moving using techniques from Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and strength training. An emphasis on toning and conditioning while using weights, yoga straps, and the “Barre.” (45 minutes)


An invigorating class designed for the challenge. Vigorous exercises to build strength and endurance. Classes are offered indoors and outdoors. (45 minutes)

Strength Training

Cut, contour, and tone your entire body using hand weights, bands, and body weight. Expect an increase in endurance and developing a lean body mass. (45 minutes)


Give yourself a challenge with short spurts of cardio using your body weight, exercise bands, and light weights. Strengthen your core and increase lean mass, cardio capacity, endurance, and overall body strength! (45 minutes)


An accelerated class that warms you up, gets in intensive 4 minute exercises, and cools you down in a half hour. Builds strength and conditioning. (30 minutes)

Core and More

If you’re looking to get fit “quick,” this 30-minute class is perfect for you! Focuses on toning Glutes, Back, and Abs. (30 minutes)


A total workout combining all the elements of fitness inspired by various styles of Latin and World rhythms. Enjoy cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility and a serious dose of awesome with each class! (50 minutes)

STRONG by Zumba

Strong by Zumba provides a total body workout. Body weight, Cardio, Muscle Conditioning & Plyometric Training are utilized for optimal conditioning. Synced to original music (no dancing involved). (30/45 minutes)

Zumba Gold

A fun class with rhythm and beat, you’ll feel inspired by the Latin and World music played in this class. A lower-intensity style class that’s great for all ages. Beats like Merengue, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Tango, and more… (50 minutes)


Signature Facial

Rejuvenate your skin with our Signature Facial, featuring a customized treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your complexion, leaving it radiant and refreshed.

Signature Manicure

Pamper your hands with our Signature Manicure, including nail shaping, cuticle care, a soothing hand massage, and a flawless polish application for beautiful, well-groomed nails.

Signature Pedicure

Indulge in our Signature Pedicure, a relaxing foot treatment that includes exfoliation, nail care, a revitalizing foot massage, and a perfect polish to leave your feet looking and feeling their best.

Hair Services

Enhance your style with our professional Hair Services, offering everything from cutting and coloring to styling and treatments, tailored to your unique hair needs and preferences.

Make Up

Look your best for any occasion with our expert Make Up services, providing personalized applications that highlight your natural beauty and complement your features.

Eyelash Extensions

Achieve fuller, longer lashes with our Eyelash Extensions, expertly applied to enhance your eyes and provide a dramatic, yet natural look that lasts.

Airbrush Tanning

Get a sun-kissed glow without the UV exposure with our Airbrush Tanning, delivering a flawless, even tan customized to your desired shade for a radiant, natural appearance.


Be Wellness is very informative how different areas affect you when they touch those areas. Wellness is only as good as you take care of yourself and Be Wellness is a great way of reaching it. Thank you again for a relief to a great state of mind.
Geovanny F.
My wife and i were in san diego visiting. After a long flight we were both in much need of a massage. The concierge gave us Be Wellness information. Everything I would expect at a spa is what Be Wellness provided at my hotel room.
Jake M. and Mary M.

The chair massage was excellent with over 20 different techniques in a short time. The quiet music and conversation made a well rounded stress relief experience.

Paul H.
I was looking for a mobile nail technician to give my mother in law a manicure and pedicure since she is in her 80’s and not able to walk. My mother in law loved both her manicure and pedicure. Thank you Be Wellness. We highly recommend their services!
Christina C.

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